Friday, October 1, 2010

Joe Pokes Caffeinated Coffee Flavored Toothpicks

When I first heard of Joe Pokes coffee flavored toothpicks I was picturing myself sitting at a dinner table, stuffed from too much food, with a toothpick in my mouth. I was thinking to myself, a coffee flavored toothpick with caffeine in it. Hmmmm… No more cup of coffee on that already packed full belly! I also envisioned myself sitting at one of my kid’s baseball games using them to pick the sunflower seeds out of my teeth. Either way it goes, everyone has uses for toothpicks. Many people also have uses for caffeine, and love the taste of coffee. Put them all together and Joe Pokes is what you have.

The Pokes come in a little tube that holds about 20 or so in it. They smell like coffee, sweet coffee at that. As soon as you put the Poke in your mouth you taste it as well so, it’s of to a good start for this product. The taste of the coffee was smooth which is what I prefer personally. The flavor lasted a decent amount of time, say 20 minutes, which is about how long the Poke lasted. Now, I am an aggressive toothpick twirler so if you are one of those who just put it in you mouth and let it sit, it might last longer. Since it is made out of wood, I am not sure if the flavor of these lasts much longer than that because you can only get so much to absorb into it. But, 20 minutes for a toothpick seemed to be sufficient for me. Plus, if you like, you can probably just keep putting them in. The caffeine kick was about as smooth as the flavor so I didn’t really notice that I was more awake or alert, I just became more awake and alert. Again, you can only pack so much into a little piece of wood, right? A couple of Pokes and that was all that I needed. There was a good after taste, good coffee and cream flavor during, a pick me up amount of caffeine, and a useful delivery source.

I liked them. I think you would also.

Caffeinedaddy rating: 1-10, 10 being the best

Taste:  8

Kick:  7

Price:  8

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