Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've got two boys that play travel baseball and I spend a huge portion of my summer at the ball diamonds. My wife used to get mad at me because before just about every game I would stop at the gas station and get a bag of sunflower seeds and a diet Mountain Dew. 3-4 dollars probably 4 times a week adds up I guess. My wife sure thinks it does! When I came across caffeinated sunflower seeds on the web I figured I had a solution to the problem. After the seeds came in I was suprised at the size of the bag for the price. It seemed kind of smaller than I was expecting, maybe it is because I go through a lot of seeds on a weekly basis. When I tasted them I was pleasantly suprised at the flavor. The seeds come in four flavors: Honey BBQ, Dill Pickle, Salt and Pepper, and Original. I was trying the Honey BBQ and think that they are just as good as any BBQ seeds I have had. My son tried the Dill Pickle and liked them thought I thought they were a little less powerful than they could have been. But with Dill Pickle that's not always a bad thing. Getting back to the portion size, I discovered that because each bag has 145mg caffeine in them my need for so many at one time decreased and the 1.75 ounce bag was more than enough for a two hour game. I had a hard time believing it but it was true. I had a bottled water (non caffeinated type) with them and felt the kick enough that I was into the game but not jittery. The seeds themselves were larger than avererage and had a good coating on them. The caffeine is said to be infused into the seed so whats on the outside is for flavor. Overall the product is worth the money for the size to me because of the amount needed to keep busy.....thanks to the caffeine.

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Taste: 7

Kick: 7

Price: 7

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