Thursday, June 17, 2010

When I first heard about this product I was scratching my head. O.K. I thought. I like beef jerky and I love caffeine. After I got the samples in the first thing I noticed was the interestingly cool packaging. I know, I know, packaging whatever. But, it's kind of cool with that evil bull kind of looking logo. So the second thing I noticed is that I could not find the word "caffeine" anywhere on the label. Odd I thought. The words "Flavored With Guarana" were on the front so I googled it. Guarana is a fruit from Brazil that has a bean or seed, or something that has like 2 1/2 times more caffeine in it than a coffee bean. Lets give it a try I thought. When I opened the package I got an immediate wiff of good smelling stuff. It was a sweet smell and you could just tell it was going to be tasty. And it was. The most important part of beef jerky for me is the tenderness. This has a tenderness like no other "beef jerky" I have ever had. There are some nugget products at c-stores that are tender but they are really processed. This is REAL jerky. The flavor was something like a sweet terriyaki but not. Tough to pinpoint but it was really tasty. The samples I had came in a one or two ounce bag. The two ounce bag was enough for me even though I can eat pounds of jerky if unattended. Maybe it was the caffeine that led my mind away from eating more but I was satisfied. Overall this was an excelent product that tasted realy good, had a caffeine kick, and was reasonably priced. Only negative is you have to wash your hands when your done because it is sticky. Thats how tender it is.

Scale: 1 to 10 (10 being best)




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