Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Revive Energy Mints

two mint blister pack
By now, who hasn’t heard of a “Super-food”? Acai Berry, Mangosteen, and Gogi Berries, all in the same product, packs a real punch of health benefits. When these three ingredients, along with a proprietary Energy Blend of Guarana-Caffeine (equal to an entire energy drink), Green Tea, AND Ginseng, are all packed into a little blue mint, somebody is on to something.

            Being honest, I was a little surprised when I first tasted the mint. For some reason, and maybe it was sub-conscious, I was expecting a pepper”mint” or a spear”mint”, or something to that nature. That is not what I got. I still tasted a strong minty flavor but pleasantly enough, it had a hint of sweetness to it; almost fruity. I was thinking to myself, “man, this a pretty good!”. There was no grittiness or bitterness to it like some caffeine products are known for either. Since it was pretty late in the day I figured I would have a good opportunity to test out the claims of the energy blend. I was somewhat tired after long day at the office and the kick I got from just one mint perked me right up.  The other claim, that it lasts 8 hours, would soon be put to the test. Revive had to coin the term “microencapsulated caffeine formulation” (which I copied from their website). But basically, what it means is that it is a sustained release caffeine product. Claim two proven true! I am not sure if it was exactly 8 hours or not but it lasted me the rest of the evening and then some.

            Overall, I was very impressed with the flavor, kick, and duration of this product.  Since it comes in a two-pack blister pack (what I have at Caffeinedaddy.com) it is reasonably priced as well.

CaffeineDaddy’s ratings:  (out of 10 with 10 being the best)

Flavor:  9    Fruity mint. Awesome

Kick:      9    Long-lasting, good kic

Price:     10 (of course)    $1.19 for 2 mints

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